The action plan has been drawn up by the company, includes the implementation of environmental policy, the implementation of actions for environmental protection and the monitoring of their effectiveness with periodic internal environmental audits on the premises of our business activities.


Respect for the environment, nature conservation, minimize consumption of natural resources, renewable energy sources are key principles for the strategic management of our business.

We provide accommodation service by implementing green practices and preventive measures for environmental protection and sustainable management.

We upgrade our services and facilities of our facilities, with the aim of progressively reducing the impact of the organization's activities on the environment.

Saving water and energy is predominant in the selection of methods and materials. We develop and implement environmentally friendly processes while ensuring that high quality services to our customers.

Through regularly reviewed annual environmental program monitor the environmental performance of the company and the achievement of environmental objectives and targets set and periodically reviewed. At each stage of the service take into account and ensure compliance with the relevant provisions of environmental legislation.

Undertake to ensure: prevention of environmental pollution,

continuous improvement of methods and measures to protect the environment by adopting best practices available

compliance with the terms and conditions prescribed by law, and

ensure the necessary human, financial and technological resources for the effective operation of the Environmental Management System.

We operate with openness publicizing our environmental performance and are available to any interested party or person for open communication, dialogue and cooperation on environmental protection.


energy conservation is ensured through optimization infrastructure installation and operation insulated windows, air conditioning units type inverter, TV sets and low energy boiler with solar panels,

improving water management in the rooms of the accommodation is ensured by installation and operation cistern dual flush and taps flow controlled

improving solid waste management - electrical and electronic equipment is ensured by recycling toner cartridges printers recycling hardware (hard disks, terminals, monitors, printers) and battery recycling bins in touch

improving waste management is achieved by recycling of packaging waste in recycling bins and recycling-reuse of organic waste in special bins.

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